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Biosphere - Substrata (1997)
Postado por Gustavo Townsend em sábado, 5 de abril de 2008.

1.As the Sun Kissed the Horizon (1:45)
2.Poa Alpina (4:10)
3.Chukhung (7:33)
4.The Things I Tell You (6:29)
5.Times When I Know You'll Be Sad (3:44)
6.Hyperborea (5:48)
7.Kobresia (7:10)
8.Antennaria (5:06)
9.Uva-Ursi (2:51)
10.Sphere of No-Form (5:56)
11.Silene (7:56)


"A totally original take on the ambient genre. This one sets the bar very high for not only the other progenators of 'Nordic Chill' but for ambient-style music as a whole. Definitely one of the top ten ambient works for all time."