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Dzyan - Time Machine (1973)
Postado por Gustavo Townsend em domingo, 6 de abril de 2008.
Track Listings

1. Kabisrain (7:59)
2. Magika (8:45)
3. Light shining out of darkness (3:13)
4. Time machine (17:47)

Total Time: 37:44


- Peter Giger / drums, percussion
- Reinhard Karwatky / bass, keyboards
- Eddy Marron / guitar, sitar, saxophone


"Time Machine contains four complex jams that offered an unusual hybrid of acid-rock, progressive-rock, world-music and Canterbury-ian jazz-rock, and ranks among the masterpieces of German progressive-rock.The 17-minute Time Machine and Kabisrain are varied and inventive, while displaying skilled interplay. Magika is furious and chromatic in the tradition of avant-jazz."