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Osvaldo Golijov - The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind (1997)
Postado por Legion em domingo, 6 de abril de 2008.

1. Prelude: Calmo, Sospeso
2. l. Agitati-Con Fuoco - Maestoso-Senza Misura, Oscilant
3. ll. Teneramente-Ruvido - Presto
4. lll. Calmo, Sospeso - Allegro Pesante
5. Lento, Liberament

Sexto álbum editado deste excelente compositor contemporâneo argentino, contando com a execução característica do Kronos Quartet e David Krakauer nos clarinetes.
Palavras do autor:
The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind is a kind of epic, a history of Judaism. It has Abraham, exile, and redemption. The movements sound like they are in three of the languages spoken in almost 6,000 years of Jewish history: the first in Aramaic; the second in Yiddish; and the third in Hebrew. I never wrote it with this idea in mind, and only understood it when the work was finished. But while I was composing the second movement, for example, my father would sit out on the deck with the newspaper, the sports pages, and every once in a while he would shout, "There you go! Another Yiddish chord!"
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