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Sun Ra - The Magic City (1966)
Postado por Gustavo Townsend em domingo, 6 de abril de 2008.

1.The Magic City (27:24)
2.The Shadow World (10:59)
3.Abstract Eye (2:45)
4.Abstract "I" (4:01)


- Sun Ra - piano, clavioline
- Pat Patrick - baritone saxophone, flute, tympani
- John Gilmore - tenor saxophone
- Marshall Allen - alto saxophone, flute, oboe, piccolo
- Danny Davis - alto saxophone, flute
- Harry Spencer - alto saxophone
- Robert Cummings - bass clarinet
- Walter Miller - trumpet
- Chris Capers - trumpet
- Ali Hassan - trombone
- Teddy Nance - trombone
- Bernard Pettaway - trombone
- Roger Blank - Percussion
- Ronnie Boykins - bass
- Jimhmi Johnson - Percussion

The Magic City

Rateyourmusic reviews:

"The other three songs are all excellent and everything but the long title track is the real treat here. It never fails sending me to a long trip to outer space, just like Sun Ra's music is supposed to do. Music can't get more original than this. Just beautiful."

"Simply dazzling, an
d my favorite of Sun Ra's large scale works. The 27-minute title cut is frequently mentioned alongside Ornette's Free Jazz and Coltrane's Ascension and rightly so. It not only holds up well against such stellar company, but sounds to my ears more fluid, more organic, and less programmatic. It's not to say that it's better in any quantifiable sense, but it easily holds its own and unlike those albums, there's more music than one long piece on this one to treasure - 'The Shadow World' is an intense 10+ minutes of hard driving rhythm with lots of horn and keyboard play over the top. The closing pieces, 'Abstract Eye' and 'Abstract 'I'' are lightweight only in relation to what came before them but are still fascinating, like a nightcap after the intensities that have preceded them. One of the best Sun Ra discs available."

"It's pretty amazing, and is still about 80 years ahead of its time."