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Fred Frith - Gravity (1980)
Postado por Gustavo Townsend em domingo, 6 de julho de 2008.

1/ The Boy Beats The Rams (Kluk Tluce Berany (4:54)
2/ Spring Any Day Now (3:04)
3/ Don't cry For Me (3:28)
4/ The Hands Of The Juggler (5:31)
5/ Norrgarden Nyvla (2:54)
6/ Year Of The Monkey (4:11)
7/ What A Dilemma (3:11)
8/ Crack In The Concrete (1:24)
9/ Come Across (2:47)
10/ Dancing in the Street/My Enemy is a Bad Man (4:47)
11/ Slap Dance (2:32)
12/ A Career In Real Estate (4:42)
13/ Dancing In Rockville Maryland (3:04)


Fred Frith: bass, guitar, violin, keyboards, drums, extra percussion
Hans Bruniusson (1-6,10): drums
Eino Haapala (1-6): guitar, mandolin

Lars Hollmer (1-6): piano, organ, accordion

Marc Hollander (1-13): alto, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano

Dave Newhouse (7-13): alto, organ
Tom Scott (11): soprano
Paul Sears (7,8,10,11,13): drums
Billy Swann (8,10,11,13): bass

Olivia Bruynhooge : tap dancing,
clapping; Chris Cutler snare drum, maraccas, clapping, drums; Tina Curran whirling, clapping, subliminal bass; Frank Wuyts whirling, clapping, recorders, drums, piano, synthesiser; Michel Berckmans : clapping, oboe, bassoon; Etienne Conod clapping; Denis Van Hecke: clapping, cello; Veronique Vincent clap- ping;

Link (rapid)

Link (badongo)

Fred Frith tocando com integrantes do Samla Mammas Manna e do The Muffins...Muitos estilos musicais misturados com muita criatividade...simplesmente foda.

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