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Hoppy Kamiyama - 音楽王2: Welcome To Forbidden Paradise (1992)
Postado por Andre Carvalho em domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2015.

Que álbum meus amigos!

"Hoppy Kamiyama is an artist whose many and varied creative incarnations resist definition. He has produced work in a significant quantity of different genres, some of which would not formally fit the P.A. mold. Nonetheless, even those titles which might better suit a noise-punk or classical leaning tag often display a great number of visionary and/or experimental elements which easily defy any staid definition applicable to their overall genre - they move with a feel many would indeed call "progressive." Some of the titles which fit the Avant-Proggressive tag are albums he has released under his own name as a solo artist, and these are the albums for which he has garnered this particular listing. Kamiyama's creative touch spreads far and wide regarding avant-prog music - he has produced, released on his label, and played in a number of bands that are either currently, or soon slated to be, listed in the P.A. database: bands such as Optical 8 (their discography was released on God Mountain label), Daimonji, Soft Mountain, Altered States, Ground Zero, Tipographica, Koenjihyakkei, Ex-Girl, Korekyojinn, Demi Semi Quaver, etc.

It's hard to say which is the greatest and most influential recording by the man who invented the modern concept of the keyboardist/composer/producer, and Hoppy has made about 200 CDs over a nearly 32 year career."   Fonte

Bass – Sebastian Steinberg
Drums – Dougie Bowne
Guitar – Hirokaz, Marc Ribot
Percussion – E.J. Rodriguez, Steve Eto
Producer, Keyboards, Sampler, Guitar, Vocals – Hoppy Kamiyama
Saxophone – John Zorn
Vocals – Jackie Collins, Joey Young, Lorelei McBroom, Syd Straw, Yukari Iwamura

Label: Nonfixx
Country: Japan
Released: 1992
Style: Funk Metal, Noise, Pop Rock, Avantgarde, Free Improvisation, Ambient, Funk

Recorded at Studio 900 on January 9-24, 1992, and at Maschie's Ham Studio in December 1991.
Mixed at The Looking Glass Studio on January 27-31, 1992.
Mastered at Master Disk.

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