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John Zorn - Elegy (1995)
Postado por Andre Carvalho em segunda-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2015.

" This is John Zorn's tribute to the art of Jean Genet. It's a "file card composition." Zorn studied the work of Genet and then wrote down every musical idea he could think of on file cards. He threw out the worst ideas and then laid out the remaining cards in an order that lets each idea balance the others. Then he gathered together musicians and vocalists to perform the composition. In the studio, he directs everyone, coming up with new ideas as they work, refining the ideas on the cards, and recording it so it sounds like one long song.The result is breathtaking but subtle. On other file-card compositions (such as "Godard" and "Spillane"), the shifts from one idea to the next are abrupt. On this CD, the shifts are carefully blended. On the CD you hear: Arabian chants, flutes, turntable scratches, chains hitting the floor, echoing percussion, a few chords on a guitar, a slamming door, kettle drums, violin, cello, and gongs. Elegy is a mix of sound effects and music, and a mix of quiet and loud.This CD is a good introduction to John Zorn's most experimental work. It's the sort of CD that should sound contrived or messy. But because of the way he organizes the sounds --- and the skill of the people who play each part --- it makes sense. Few albums are more rewarding after repeated listening. Although this CD will challenge you, I recommend you give it a try. If it's your first Zorn album, this will lead to many more." -Fonte

Flute – Barbara Chaffe
Guitar – Scummy
Percussion – William Winant
Turntables – David Shea
Viola – David Abel
Voice – Mike Patton
Composed By, Producer – John Zorn

Recorded at Different Fur Studios, San Francisco Nov. 1991
Mixed at Eastside Sound, NYC Jan. 1992
Published by Theater of Musical Optics (BMI)
1992 Eva Records / Printed in Japan


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