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A Place Between (2009)
Postado por Andre Carvalho em sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2016.

"Louth Contemporary Music Society (LCMS) celebrates some of the most world’s most popular contemporary composers in its first-ever CD. The new disc is titled A Place Between, and features world première recordings of works by John Tavener, Arvo Pärt, Valentin Silvestrov, Alexander Knaifel as well as pieces by Henryk Górecki and John Cage."  Fonte

1. John Tavener - Ikon Of Joy And Sorrow
2. Arvo Pärt - Hymn To A Great City
3. Alexander Knaifel - O Heavenly King
4. Valentin Silvestrov - Ikon
5. Valentin Silvestrov - 25.X.1893...P.I. Tchaikovsky No.2 'Lullaby'
6. Arvo Pärt - Da Pacem Domine
7. Henryk Gorecki - Good Night: I. Lento (Adagio)-Tranquillo
8. Henryk Gorecki - Good Night: II. Lento Tranquillissimo
9. Henryk Gorecki - Good Night: III. Lento-Dolcissimo-Cantabillissimo
10. John Cage - In A Landscape

Patricia Rozario, Callino Quartet, 
Michal McHale, Joana Petcu-Colan, 
Vourneen Ryan & Stephen Kelly.


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