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Rich Woodson Ellipsis - Control and Resistance (2000)
Postado por Gustavo Townsend em domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008.

1. The Gift Of Pain (03:42)
2. Abduction Fantasy (02:22)
3. Only Gravity Is Fair (02:57)
4. The Pornographic Subset (05:57)
5. The Gist Does Not Exist (03:41)
6. D.P. In Mono (01:34)
7. I Remember The Acid Bath (08:15)
8. Vulgarity In Lieu Of Nothing Else (02:22)
9. Teargash (12:03)

Richard Woodson (guitar); Peter Epstein (soprano saxophone); Aaron Stewart (tenor saxophone); Mat Fieldes (acoustic bass); John Hollenbeck (drums)


"The music of Rich Woodson will appeal to people who like extreme, complex and chaotic math/avant-rock." (progarchives)

"Rich Woodson
is a self-taught composer and guitarist who grew up on hard rock and heavy metal in Nashville, TN and San Antonio and Austin, TX. His major musical influences are Tim Berne, Frank Zappa, Watchtower (the 1980's Austin metal band, who invented the "technical metal" subgenre) and composer Charles Wuorinen. This debut CD is a bold and brilliant synthesis of RIO progressive rock, modern jazz and contemporary composition. A quintet using the simple instrumentation of tenor sax, soprano sax, guitar, acoustic bass & drums, there is simply so much musical information going on here that I am sometimes reminded of the first time I heard Trout Mask Replica. It didn’t really sound like they were playing together, but subsequent playings revealed all of the hidden treasure of that album, like it will reveal the treasures here." (Cuneiform Records) reviews:

"But beautiful it is, and completely absorbing, even when it is dense and dissonent (which is most of the time!). Fans of Henry Cow or Zappa, or anyone else interested in something different and highly rewarding, should not hesitate to acquire this gem."

"I've listened to this record more times than I can count, and it always pleases and surprises. Although parallels have been mentioned by reviewers, Rich Woodson is a composer all his own."