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blindoldfreak - 1 (2010)
Postado por Lucas aka em domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010.

The track list (in case you didn’t already know) is as follows: 1. Wake Up, 2. Smile, 3. Pipe One, 4. Make Friends, 5. Laugh, 6. Everything Ends Here. Did you notice I included links with the song names? That’s because they’re available to play on! Ought to tide you over until the EP is released digitally, so there’s no need to resort to piracy, eh?

The EP consists mostly of reworkings of tracks previously published via blindoldfreak’swebsite, MySpace and SoundCloud, although Laugh – as far as I can tell – appears to be an entirely new composition. Aside from the fact that we have one new, previously unheard track, the other songs have been tweaked a little, making them just different enough from the originals that we have new music to listen to whilst also having legitimate versions of those tracks we loved but couldn’t own. A friend of mine described Pipe One as having a ‘fuller’ sound when compared to its original version (101208-4), and I can see now what she was talking about. Additionally, the noise levels have been normalised and some jarring sounds have been removed. In short, the EP is perfect.