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11bit - Abandoned Functional Human Factory (2010)
Postado por Lucas aka em sexta-feira, 16 de abril de 2010.

11bit is a more than 5 years old IDM project, based in Brazil.Abandoned Functional Human Factory is a collection featuring the best of the best of his early works (mostly from 2008). Although they are not as experimental or complex as his latter works, the album already displays a inherent capability to build ever-changing beats upon synthlines, which spawn from delicate ambient-ish repetitive riffs and Glitch sounds to techno-like lines and even some harsh shots (specially the saw-like synths on the title-track). The fractured rhythm is omnipresent, and 11bit manages to break-beat even at the most simple and repetitive tracks. I can tell you, after the first track kicks in, there's no way your brain stay still.
The highlights go for the album opener, Dust%. Probably his best-known early track, which even appeared around some IDM internet-compilations. Although it's close to sound ambient-techno like, with all the background atmospheric synths, the short loops and the quick movability - not to mention again, the beats -, punches your brain into the tangled rhythms, instead of carrying it into a subconscious trip. Tiny Story, fux0ring and The Hall sequence is also the strong arm in here, varying from vicious and acid drum-loops to delicate piano and string lines.
Catalog: VB-23 (Velvet Blue Records)
Download (320kbps)