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John Fahey - The Yellow Princess (1968)
Postado por Andre Carvalho em domingo, 18 de setembro de 2016.

 "Taking traditional American folk, bluegrass, and blues influences and expanding their possibilities with his own original, melodic, and increasingly intricate fingerpicking and slide guitar techniques, John Fahey laid the foundation for what would become known as American Primitivism, referring to the self-taught and innovative take on the American musical tendencies of the period between the early 20th and late 19th centuries."

Fonte: WeFuckingLoveMusic

01. The Yellow Princess
02. View (East From The Top Of The Riggs Road / B&O Trestle)
03. Lion
04. March! For Martin Luther King
05. The Singing Bridge Of Memphis, Tennessee
06. Dances Of The Inhabitants Of The Invisible City Of Bladensburg )
07. Charles A. Lee: In Memoriam
08. Irish Setter
09. Commemorative Transfiguration And Communion At Magruder Park

10. The John Fahey Sampler, Themes and Variations
11. Fare Forward Voyagers
12. Steel Guitar Medley

- John Fahey - guitar, producer
- Mark Andes - bass (04,06)
- Matt Andes - guitar (04,06)
- Jay Ferguson - organ & piano (04,06)
- Kevin Kelley - drums (04,06)

All tracks written by John Fahey.