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Cheval de Frise - Discografia
Postado por Thiago Miotto em quinta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2013.

Cheval De Frise is a French duo that existed since 1998 but quit playing together in August 2004. They’re releasing this posthumous 5 song 10” called La Lame Du Mat on the Czech label Minority records. The record was produced by Jay Pellici of 31 knots and honestly, boys and girls, if you’re as much into decomposed math rock as I am, you’ll love this. La Lame Du Mat sounds like it’s an improvised studio album, but after a few listens you’ll discover that the songs on this record reveal textures and disintegrating melodies that are so genuine they make me feel that warm and indescribable feeling only really brilliant music can produce. Needless to say that it’s been a while since a record from a band I never heard of confronted me with a feeling so pure. Vincent Beysselance and Thomas Bonvalet are the faces behind the band. Thomas is playing amplified acoustic guitar and Vincent is drumming. The line-up might be simple, the music they compose is very diverse. The five compositions on this record (simply called La Lame Du Mat I to V) breathe an air of free spirit in a baroque classical atmosphere. Each piece floats in a timeless dimension and walks the often thin line between composition and decomposition. One might experience this album as rudimentary improv craziness, while at the same time consider it a masterpiece of composition and mathematical noisy art rock. Sure thing is that this instrumental record crosses borders of multiple genres with it’s gestures of jazz, noise, rock, improv and indie music. It might leave most of the kids out there confused. There’s no real formal comparisons to make and that only reveals the truly inventive brains behind Cheval De Frise. However, this band surely has matching ideas about music and art as bands like Hella, Don Caballero, Femme Fatale, the Flying Luttenbachers, My Name Is Rar Rar, Snack Truck or Flössin. So, I would really really really recommend this band to anyone that’s feeling musically related to any or all of the aforementioned bands cause this is truly inspirational. (Semtex Magazine)

Cheval De Frise - Sans Titre

1 - Connexion Monstrueuse Entre Un Objet Et Son Image
2 - Constructions d'Ecorces d'Arbres
3 - Douche Froide, Harmonium
4 - Incliné Et Chenu
5 - Langue Hastee
6 - Le Feu, Le Lin Et La Bougie
7 - Le Vestibule Des Laches
8 - Les Canaux Sont Ouverts, Les Moustiques Meurent, Le Monstre Disparait
9 - Lundi Deux Mars
10 - Mille Courbettes
11 - Noblesse De l'Echec (Part 1)
12 - Noblesse De l'Echec (Part 2)
13 - Un Pont Et Des Eaux Noires Limoneuses

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Cheval De Frise - Fresques Sur Les Parois Secrètes Du Crâne

01 - lucare des combles
02 - bora lustral
03 - le puits
04 - deux nappes ductiles
05 - songe de perte de dents
06 - fresques sur les parois secrètes du cråne
07 - l'agonie dans le jardin
08 - phosphorescence de l'arbre mort
09 - ix
10 - chiendent

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Cheval De Frise - La Lame Du Mat EP

1 - La Lame Du Mat I
2 - La Lame Du Mat II
3 - La Lame Du Mat III
4 - La Lame Du Mat IV
5 - La Lame Du Mat V

320 kbs | 32 MB

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